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The Wii Nunchuk was an accessory created by Nintendo for the Wii system in 2006.

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Why does the joystick on my wii nunchuk keep drifting?

Hello, I have encountered an issue: whenever I play a game with a Nunchuk, the joystick drifts, and my character always goes somewhere they aren't supposed to go. Also, I am not using a Wii U, I am using a classic Wii, so please do not leave answers that may only work on Wii U as I am using a classic Wii.

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The Wii is a old console and same for the accessories so it will drift but have you replaced the joystick if yes I don’t know but if no well try replacing it

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First of all do Calibration. The joystick may need calibration. To calibrate the Nunchuk, follow these steps: Start by disconnecting the Nunchuk from the Wii Remote. Go to the Wii Menu and select the Wii Remote settings. Choose "Calibrate" and follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate the Nunchuk then Dirt or debris, Wear and tear and Interference.

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