Can I safely test my new screen after iPhone 14 Plus got wet?

Hi I have a quick question! I'm replacing an iPhone 14 Plus screen - it was dropped and smashed and water got inside... I have a replacment screen now and want to test the functions of the phone but am still unclear on something... If I connect the screen will the device damage the screen?

There's no water left in the device, I just wondered if some of the older potential shorts may exist and could damage it....

OR am I ok to put the screen on the connectors, reconnect the battery and test it?

Alternatively, am I better to check all of the connctor with a microscope, clean them up and replace capacitors etc that are damaged before testing the screen?

I want to test it but I just don't want to fry this brand new screen...

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Use your microscope to look into every nook and cranny for water. Use whatever's available to absorb every bit of moisture; tissue, cotton swab, etc. Leave the phone disassembled and lay it over a warm surface; stove with gas pilot light, oven with pilot light, outside on a dry surface warmed by the sun, boiler with pilot light, etc. Leave the phone to dry out several hours or more from the warm heat to allow evaporation as the phone warms up. Gentle heat no warmer than a hot cup of coffee. If damage to individual components isn't revealed using magnification, you should be able to reassemble and power up your phone. The question remains whether damage occurred to connections from twisting or dropping onto hard ground or water damage, interrupting power up self tests, halting anywhere during power up. Hopefully damage was confined to the screen and the replacement, removal/evaporation of moisture and correct reconnections and reassembly restores this phone back to full function.


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