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The Sony Alpha 5100 is a digital camera made by Sony. E-mount camera with APS-C sensor. Model Number: ILCE-5100 / ILCE-5100L.

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*Sony a5000* Any tips on modifying the lens mount to be 100% metal?

I am about to modify my Sony a5000 with a metal mount to ditch the plastic hybrid mount, mainly due to heavy lenses and that mount scaring me enough I do not like to trust it with heavy lenses out of concern it will break for no reason, mainly 90's Tamron and A-Mount monsters, as well as the "beercan" being an all metal monster that weighs more than some bodies. I have the part on order (SpeedPak from China, will take a while) but in the meantime while I wait for parts, has anyone who has done this modification to these cameras noticed anything I need to be aware of or is it a quick swap from plastic to metal?

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I’ve modified the camera and it has no play, and feels as good as if it was stock. The main thing that you need to know is you need to carry over the ground ring and remove it from the plastic internal ring, otherwise it will have play. Once you do this it’s like it shipped that way. Yes it’s clear as day to anyone who knows what to look for but unless I told most people I modified this a5000 they may never know.

Yes I will keep the original parts just in case. I do not necessarily plan on making a guide on this modification as it’s not a beginner job due to the lens mount pin due to how you need to press the mount down to be sure (and get the screw in there first to ensure pressure is in place) but I’m open to reconsidering it if I feel that it’s warranted in the future and I have a virgin body I have not modified. I do not want to show how to do it on a pre worked on camera. My main concern with beginners is the ground ring and not ruining it, and you need a good magnetic screwdriver due to the sensor — I use the iFixit driver so I’m not worried but a cheapo would, I did this so I can throw big Minolta lenses on it without fear of damage, and this was my first time. I do not like to do guides the first time.

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