How to test power from rechargeable docking station

My mouse is not charging in the rechargeable docking station. I don't know if it's the docking station or the rechargeable batteries in the mouse. I'm able to recharge the batteries in a separate battery charger. Any suggestions as to test this problem


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Do you know the charging voltage? Are the rechargeable batteries nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride or lithium ion? Battery types have their own unique voltages and specific recharging circuitry. Rechargeable batteries eventually wear out by indicating charge capacity reduction as time passes/number of recharge cycles. A multimeter will measure voltages of battery pack and output of chargers.


The back of the cradle says Rating:5V – 50mA R5.8 v -1A (DC Plag.

They are rechargeable batteries, I’m unable to see if they’re Nickel Cadmium, Nickel metal hydride. The Rayovac says they’re Lithium. It’s almost impossible to read the info on the batteries.

1 battery I’ve used: Eneloop/Sanyo It read: HR-3UTGA 1.2V MIN 1,900 MAM


I understand the diminishing usage. If I’m correct in what you’re saying as an indicator, the longer it takes for a rechargeable battery to recharge it’s a sign that they’re life is diminishing.

Using the rechargeable dock wouldn’t tell me but a standalone recharger would tell me by the length of time it’s taking to recharge. I’ve had to use the standalone recharger and noticed it takes a long time. I should use this as my indicator??

Thks for the reply and any additional info you can provide as to my statements above


Unless you know of type of original batteries and capacity, the replacement batteries and separate charger may be the only way to recharge them. Mixing different battery types can create unusual problems. The time required to recharge new batteries in a different charger does not indicate battery life of original or replacements. Different charging rates means different charging times.


Thank you for your response. Original batteries, haha. This was an original purchase probably 20+ years ago. It wasn't an MX1000 but an MX700. I have since purchased a couple of more on line thru Ebay. It's a great mouse and keyboard. The mouse is extremely comfortable with many controls on it. Logitech long ago discontinue the software for it and received a lot of complaints but I've worked


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