repair air-conditions for 5008-2015

How do you repair air-conditions for 5008-2015

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@heshamelbahkiry what is wrong with your Air Condition? Does it not cool? Does it not work at all? Does it only cool a little bit? What have you checked? The more information you give, the better your chance of getting a good answer.


Does your Peugeot use dye in the ac system? Remove service valve caps and look for oil and dye. Dye may be greenish yellow or other color but will glow with a uv blacklight. If dye is used, an inexpensive uv blacklight can find the source of most vehicle ac problems - the leak no one admits to but runs to the the auto store for the refill kit to refill..........a leaking system. Find the source(s) of leaks and then decide of you can repair your ac system, This requires advanced knowledge of using refrigerant gauges and electric vacuum pump as well as refrigeration basics.


My air condition showing error E7 on display and outer not started


@xyz40386 what year and model is your Peugeot?


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