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Proximity sensor not working properly after battery replacement

Hello there.

I'm having a problem with proximity sensor reacting to covering after I've replaced battery. The screen hasn't been replaced, just glued back in with precut adhesive stripes. I've checked sensor with Sensor Test app available on Play Store to check if it actually reacts to anything and apparently it does work when i cover it with mirror-like object but not others like it should.

What could be the problem here?

Edit: if it matters when I started unscrewing midframe screws one of it was very lose and when I screwed them back I've tightened that one tighter.

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I decided to open up my Pixel again to try things out and I found the cause. I simply glued that tiny little hole on my screen when I assembled phone before. Wow. I didn't take possibility of gluing proximity sensor to be the cause, since it did react to mirror but somehow that was it. Maybe there was a little gap that allowed tiny beam of light to go through to it. But either way I'm happy it's fixed, because those past couple of months very really annoying: touchscreen was working while in my pocket almost dialing emergency phone couple of times; with every call I made or took I had to lock screen manually. You don't really appreciate those little things only until they're gone :)

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