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La versione allargata del decimo telefono di Samsung della sua serie top S, presentato nel febbraio 2019. Dotato di Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975F) Motherboard shorted, bootlooping

Hello people! Here will be a long post!

Problem started with phone dead from nothing. No water damage, just staying on charge. Trying to boot, nothing hapened, charge with wall, laptop, other chargers, low chargers etc. NOTHING. Suspected the battery. New battery...nothing. Service center... short motherboard.
Sent it to a service center that operates motherboard, they send it back with no results, but atleast with some sign of life (bootlooping and showing charge icon). When is not in charge there is no sign of life. After letting it to charge battery went fully charged. Somehow i was abble to enter in download mode and flash the new software with Odin (Home_CSC to preserve data) original software, never rooted. All succeded says Odin, but still bootlooping. This time is not showing charge icon when i put it in charge but enter bootlooping without pressing

Block Image

Block Image

any button.
Having a multimeter decided to open and check the motherboard for shorts. Found 2 capacitors across the BT/WIFI IC (See the photo_1) and getting hot when is charging all around the Power manager IC (see the photo_2) and some capacitors in short there too. I'm not sure the 2 capacitors near the WIFI/BT is the problem and i don't have the power supply or others tools (like rosin) to check that. I also can't find a schematic that is showing with what else they are connected to check or if it's safe to remove them.
I bought another cracked phone just for motherboard, putted the mother board into my phone just to be sure is not the power button, display or the battery and it works fine. So for sure is the motherboard.

All this steps and money spent until now is because i was stupid and let the microSD to get full and 1 year of photos (especially with my kid) and data was saved on internal memory of the phone.

I'm familiar with changing phone parts and software but on electrical things i'm noob.
Any advice on what can i do next i'll appreciate.
Thank you all !!!

PS: English is not my mother language and sorry for grammar mistakes.

Later EDIT:
I found a good schematic for my phone. Found out that those capacitors are from Magnetic Sensor. Tested on the good motherboard and showing short on that too. So i suppose it have to be like that (?). Tested the Power IC (photo_3 - U8031) with charger connected to motherboard to see if there are coming volts. And YES, the Power IC is taking 5 V. Tested the Power Manager IC (photo_2 U12003) and here are the problem... its not taking nothing, some 0.3 V (according to Samsung schematic the L8026, L8005 etc. have to take 0.75V). Tested the battery connector and the same low current 0.8V.

Block Image

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@mh21ttn test all the coils listed from U12003 for proper voltage

Block Image

etc. does not work ;-)

You know that if they don't have the voltages, your U12003 has failed. If the voltages are good, it is not U12003

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That IC i suspected too because of the low voltage (0,3V). I found this schematic too. But it can be U8031, even if it gets the 5V he is the Power Supply (i guess) and not capable to send over to others the current.


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