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The Jeep Cherokee is a line of vehicles sold by Jeep under various vehicle classes. Originally sold as a variant of the popular Jeep Wagoneer, the Cherokee has evolved from a full-size SUV to one of the first compact SUVs and eventually into its current incarnation as a crossover SUV.

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Jeep Cherokee 87 won't start

1987 Jeep Cherokee Limited four-wheel drive won't start turns over gets fuel has new coil parked it after work went out in the morning wouldn't start ran day before

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@rutor1 did you check for spark on all cylinders? What else did you check?


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This almost certainly has to do with your coil or coil wires just based on your description of it happening after a rainfall. Since you just replaced the coil, let’s assume that is good. So, I’d suggest buying a new set of plug wires and the wire that goes from the coil to the distributor (if it is separate…sorry i don’t know this engine by heart). Or, the wire that feeds the coil (12VDC) might be shorting out. Best of luck.

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