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The phone has stopped vibrating

My p٢hone fell and stopped vibrating

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Hi @ezaldeen,

Of course there are all kinds of things that could be broken inside when a phone gets dropped, but let's start with the most likely possibility. Since the phone has stopped vibrating, then it's reasonable to suspect that the little motor that does the vibrating may be broken, so I'd suggest that the first thing to try is to replace it.

Unfortunately iFixit doesn't have a guide showing you how to replace that vibrator, but I found a French site called SOSav that does have one. It has step by step instructions on exactly what you need to do.

Vibrator Galaxy A70 repair - Free guide - SOSav

I'd suggest opening up the phone and proceed to Step 16 where you remove the motherboard. Check the two copper pads on the vibrator to make sure they didn't just get knocked out of place and that's why it's not working. If it looks like it's in the right place, then I'd go ahead and replace the motor.

The vibrators are easy to find; they're available on places like eBay, Amazon and AliExpress among others. Here are a couple of the first ones I came across. Vibrator Motor for Samsung Galaxy A70 with Separator Card : Cell Phones & Accessories

Vibration Vibrator Motor Module Flex Cable Parts For Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A30 A40 A50 A60 A70 A80 A90 A10e A20e - Mobile Phone Flex Cables - AliExpress

Don't forget to pick up a sheet of precut adhesive to glue the rear cover back on when you're done; the old adhesive probably won't be reliable enough to ensure it doesn't fall off again.

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