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Repair information for the Mac Studio, Apple's compact desktop computer.

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My Mac Studios fans run while sleeping

my Studio M1 Max Mac seems to be running fans even while its sleeping.
Its running on Ventura 13.3 and reinstalling the system weirdly only fixes the problem for couple of weeks and then it starts again (done it couple of times already).
Apple support acknowledges the problem but doesn't seem to be doing anything to solve it or even repair the computer. They think it's software based.

My Mac Mini M2 doesn't have such problem so I guess it's some kind of issue with my model of the Studio.

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Does the issue occur in Safe Mode? When you reinstalled macOS, did you do a clean installation, or did you preserve or restore your data before testing? If you restored your data before testing, you could try to isolate the issue by backing up all of your data, then performing a clean OS installation of macOS Ventura without restoring your data. If the issue still persists after doing a clean OS installation and setting the computer up like a brand new machine, then you can be confident it's not due to your specific software configuration. At that point, I would recommend researching the terminal command pmset to see if there is a power management setting that you can alter to prevent this from occurring. Might be related to the Power Nap settings. You should check out this similar question to see if you can find anything helpful. Good luck!

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