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1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.8GHz) with 3MB shared L3 cache

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No light on charger, MBA powers off, weird idling issue!

Hi :)

I have a MacBook Air 13" Mid 2012 model A1466.

The light stopped working on my charger and wouldnt charge my battery anymore. I purchased a replacement charger but it behaves in the exact same way. When I plug charger in there is no light. The MBA will automatically start to boot, I see the apple logo, but it powers off after a few seconds. Tried resettinf SMC but that didnt help.

I did figure out that I could get it to successfully boot into the OS if I kept moving my finger on the trackpad or spamming key presses. But if I stop spamming the trackpad for only a few seconds it will just lose power. If I am quick enough to move the trackpad right after it will take me to the login screen, as if it has gone to sleep.

I have done some googling and I am unable to find any info on these symptoms, looking forward to your input.



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Hi Kev!

Assuming you bought a new charging wall brick and cable from Apple, it could either be software or the Mag Safe port. However, I came across a post on Apple that mentioned your exact model of MacBook Air charging extremely slowly after updating to OSX Yosemite. The chances of this happening I think is pretty low, along with what I mentioned before.

For the key spamming/constant swiping of the trackpad to wake, the only thing I would assume is a software issue. If you don't have anything you haven't backed up off the Mac, you can erase it and re-install and older version of OSX, but that's really if you are on something like Mojave or Catalina. Otherwise, I'm not really that helpful to you unfortunately.

Hopeful this was somewhat useful to you, but if not, there are plenty of others here who know a little more about what they're doing. I've found ChatGPT surprisingly helpful when it comes to stuff like this, but that's obviously just a suggestion and where you are now is good.



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Thanks for your input Riley.

A strange thing happened with the Macbook shortly after posting my question.

Its currently on Catalina and I was trying to install system updates but they wouldn't install. It just kept telling me to reboot to install repeatedly without ever installing.

So I tried booting into recovery mode. I chose my language then it sat on a grey screen for 5 or 10 mins. Then it rebooted and the orange light on the charger came back on! lol

I am baffled as to what has happened lol. One problem solved. Now I just have to figure out how to get it to stop shutting down. Its behaving as if the power button is stuck because as soon as i plug a charger into it, the laptop switches on, and then off a few seconds later.

I will let the MBA charge fora couple hours then I will downgrade the OS from Catalina. Which version OS would you recommend?


You'd be alright if you went back to High Sierra, but you'd defiantly be safer with El Capitan if you don't mind giving up a few features for extra stability, because after all, though Catalina is natively supported, the hardware of even the highest spec 2012 MacBook Air was never really designed to run anything like Catalina at full speed like a 2012 MacBook Pro would.

However, if you don't use this particular MacBook Air as your main machine, it may be worth another try of a Catalina image from Apple, but pre updated with the version your MacBook was trying to install before, because chances are it's just a software bug and is fixed with a newer software version.

It's probably recommended that you have a High Sierra installer handy though just in case a failure occurs, but then again, Catalina could potentially put too much of a load on your MacBook and cause something a little harder to fix, so just be aware and experiment with caution as worst case scenario could mean no going back.


@rileydouglas - The version of macOS has no bearing here! As long as it’s what Apple supports for the system - macOS Mojave (10.14.x) and the final version of macOS Catalina (10.15.x)

Down grading the OS is not a trivial task! As Apple altered the OS’s file system from HFS+ to APFS.


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@kevinburto15681 - Given your systems age I’m suspecting your battery is just worn-out.

Let’s get a better idea what’s happening here. Install this gem of an App CoconutBattery it will allow you to see both your batteries health as well as what the charger is doing. With the charger plugged in take a snapshot of the main window with the battery info opened, posting it here for us to see.

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