Why is my Nintendo 2ds XL freezing randomly?

So I got a New Nintendo 2DS XL from Amazon and every time I’m downloading something or playing a game, my top and bottom screen freezes. I do have CFW on it, but this problem was there before I even installed Custom Firmware. Please help!

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You've got conflicting devices listed here. Are you having this problem with a Nintendo 3ds XL, New Nintendo 3ds XL, or New Nintendo 2ds XL?


I didn’t notice that, sorry. I have a New Nintendo 2ds xl not 3ds


Don't worry about it, mistakes happen. Does it freeze as soon as you start a game, or do you do something in-game that triggers it?


None of those, it just freezes randomly at any point of the game, application or menu.


@heyitsme249 Weird. You could try reseating the ribbon cables, but beyond that I have no idea what to do


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