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La versione allargata del decimo telefono di Samsung della sua serie top S, presentato nel febbraio 2019. Dotato di Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Where to get individual chips?

Hello there, ever since I got Galaxy 10+ I wanted FM Radio inside (Snapdragon had it, S9 had it, so why can't I have it...)

I have the SM-G975F (International varsion) of the model which has Exynos chipset

and when I asked around (XDA forums) people told me, no not possible, hardware not there, Exynos models don't have this, but nobody told what was missing, so years went by and I never forgot about it, and always searched the internet thinking, well if S9 had it, why can't S10 maybe it was just software locked

Well, one month ago I discovered a forum post where someone casualy mentioned that Korean Galaxy has it (SM-G975N)

I was like, what, thats great, so try to activate it

Well after learning about how this was included, which libraries I need in software, etc (my phone is rooted so modding the software was always easier for me then modding the hardware)

I compared the service manuals between SM-G975F and SM-G975F) (which are here:

You can find this on page 117 on korean manual where block diagram is

and discovered that this liitle tiny chip: RTC6213N:

is missing on mine

Well I discovered that on the service manual, I did not open my phone to check that

So if I add this as well as some pasive components to their respected places and make nessesery software changes, then radio should work

So here are all the chips I need to add FM Radio as well as TV to my phone (yes if I have my phone open and add stuff, might as well add DTMB tuner even if there is no signal in my country)

L = Inductor

C = Capacitor

R = Resistor

O = Crystal Oscilator


*= Also uvailable on SM-G75F (and maybe some other models (its used for other things, its not on the same spot but you could still a component from there (if you found a donor board of course)

**= DTMB as well as FM Radio both use this part

***= Also uvailable on SM-G75F (and maybe some other models) + DTMB as well as FM Radio both use this part

(Parts Code ((how many I need) Design LOC - Real part name): Where to buy

This is the FM Tuner chip inside of the phone:

For 1204-003661 (FM Radio) ( U11003 -- IC-TUNER) - Samsung IC-TUNER,RTC6213N,QFN,16P,2.5X2.5MM,5.5V :

PARTS List (I need)

1001-001975* (1x (U1003)) - IC-RF SWITCH;BGS12SN6,SPDT,TSNP,6P,1.1X0:

2203-006400** (2x (C11019,C11019) - C-CER,CHIP;1NF,10%,25V,X7R,TP,0603,T0.3:

2203-005736* (1x (C11020)) - C-CER,CHIP;100PF,5%,25V,C0G,TP,0603,T0.3: ali pa

2703-003476 (1x (L11005)) - INDUCTOR-SMD;270NH,5%,1005,4.94OHM,110MA:

2007-009805* (1x (R11018)) - R-CHIP;51OHM,1%,1/20W,TP,0603,T0.23:

2203-007621*** (3x (C11027, C11028, C11028)) - C-CER,CHIP;100NF,10%,6.3V,X5R,TP,0402,T0:

3301-002237* (1x (L11009)) - BEAD-SMD;600OHM/100MHZ,0.6X0.3MM,TP,294:

2007-011545 (2x (R6004, R6004)) - R-CHIP;4.7KOHM,1%,1/32W,TP,0402,T0.13:

For 1204-003480 (DTMB TV)

2203-006400** (1x (C11022)) - C-CER,CHIP;1NF,10%,25V,X7R,TP,0603,T0.3:

2703-004703* (1x (L11008)) - INDUCTOR-SMD;82NH,5%,0603,T0.3,10OHM,100:

2801-005363 (1x (OSC11000)) - CRYSTAL-SMD;24.000000MHZ,10PPM,12.0PF,60:

2703-004703* (1x (L11007)) - INDUCTOR-SMD;82NH,5%,0603,T0.3,10OHM,100:

2203-006305 (2x (C11025, C11026)) - C-CER,CHIP;10PF,5%,25V,C0G,TP,0603,T0.3:

2203-007393* (1x (C11015)) - C-CER,CHIP;4.7UF,10%,10V,X5R,TP,1005,T0:

2203-008242* (1x (C11016)) - C-CER,CHIP;2.2UF,20%,6.3V,X5R,TP,0603,T0:

2203-007621*** (1x (C11017)) - C-CER,CHIP;100NF,10%,6.3V,X5R,TP,0402,T0:

1201-004036 (1x (U11002)) - IC-IF/RF AMP;BGA729N6,TSNP-6-2,6P,1.1X0:

1001-001975* (1x (U11005)) - IC-RF SWITCH;BGS12SN6,SPDT,TSNP,6P,1.1X0:

Now I have 4 questions


I am in Europe (in Slovenia to be exact), so whats the best store to buy this parts (6€ for a stupid cerammic capacitor seams like a ripoff (it should be 2€ no more (at least this is usualy how much smd capacitors cost) and even worse, how can I prevent from receiving fake parts

  1. Do pasive components need to be from samsung (a lot of stores sell capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc)

# How hard is this to solder, I have nor tools, nor eyesight (my eyes are very bad) to solder SMD, so I thouhght I would pay someone to do that for me when replacing phones battery (when the phone is already opened anyway), not sure if battery replacment shops have soldering equipment, I hope they do

  1. Dooes samsung change PCB payout between their korean and international version (like I hope that traces are intact, because whats the point of soldering chips, if you find out that traces don't connect i2c and SPI signal to the required chips at the end (on the board there are gold spots, where chips should be so I hope that traces are still uvailable even if no chips are soldered)

I know this idea is crazy, but I realy would like to get a radio on to this phone

and I know that the phone is old and I will be forced to upgrade soon anyway (forced updates, apps to bloated so hardware cannot keep up, blah, blah, you know how this works), but I would at least like to enjoy FM radio on this phone, even if only for 1 or 2 more years

I also thought that maybe its just easier to get the korean model (SM-G975N) instead (since I only need one SIM card anyway) and put Slovenian firmware on it, but I cannot get it in green (even if I found some on ebay) and because of stupid bootloader preventing downgrading, finding one that on top of being green, that also runs Android 10 (because you know how most people are, they will update as soon as possible, not caring if updates will remove something they like or slow down the phone) is probably next to impossible

So yea, I hope some of you repair geniuses would be able to anwser my questions (I was always better at modding software then hardware)

If only this stupid chips would be there, this task of adding something (that in my oppinion should be uvailable on every phone) would not be so hard

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@mitjakocjancic big question. Lets see if we can dissect it.

How hard is this to solder,? Some of the components are very small. You will need a microscope, good soldering rework station etc, to solder those components. There are board repair specialists that are masters of micro-soldering. I am not sure about your particular area but I do know of a capable tech in Northern Ireland, if you are willing to ship. @tech_ni might help you out a bit more.

As for the components, I found them all on I do know that is in Europe, so that might help you. I can tell you that the parts combined are less than USD$20

I know that over here is expensive shipping but I have never had issues with any of their deliveries etc. For something that you have in mind, make sure you buy from a quality vendor. Stay away from Ebay, Alibaba etc.

Here is the list of your parts with the Mouser links. It will take you to the category and you choose which component you want to purchase.

1001-001975* (1x (U1003)) - IC-RF SWITCH;BGS12SN6,SPDT,TSNP,6P,1.1X0: on here

2203-006400** (2x (C11019,C11019) - C-CER,CHIP;1NF,10%,25V,X7R,TP,0603,T0.3: on here

2203-005736* (1x (C11020)) - C-CER,CHIP;100PF,5%,25V,C0G,TP,0603,T0.3: on here

2703-003476 (1x (L11005)) - INDUCTOR-SMD;270NH,5%,1005,4.94OHM,110MA: on here

2007-009805* (1x (R11018)) - R-CHIP;51OHM,1%,1/20W,TP,0603,T0.23: on here

2203-007621*** (3x (C11027, C11028, C11028)) - C-CER,CHIP;100NF,10%,6.3V,X5R,TP,0402,T0: on here

3301-002237* (1x (L11009)) - BEAD-SMD;600OHM/100MHZ,0.6X0.3MM,TP,294: on here

2007-011545 (2x (R6004, R6004)) - R-CHIP;4.7KOHM,1%,1/32W,TP,0402,T0.13: on here

For 1204-003480 (DTMB TV)

2203-006400** (1x (C11022)) - C-CER,CHIP;1NF,10%,25V,X7R,TP,0603,T0.3: on here

2703-004703* (1x (L11008)) - INDUCTOR-SMD;82NH,5%,0603,T0.3,10OHM,100: on here

2801-005363 (1x (OSC11000)) - CRYSTAL-SMD;24.000000MHZ,10PPM,12.0PF,60: on here

2703-004703* (1x (L11007)) - INDUCTOR-SMD;82NH,5%,0603,T0.3,10OHM,100: on here

2203-006305 (2x (C11025, C11026)) - C-CER,CHIP;10PF,5%,25V,C0G,TP,0603,T0.3: on here

2203-007393* (1x (C11015)) - C-CER,CHIP;4.7UF,10%,10V,X5R,TP,1005,T0: on here

2203-008242* (1x (C11016)) - C-CER,CHIP;2.2UF,20%,6.3V,X5R,TP,0603,T0: on here

2203-007621*** (1x (C11017)) - C-CER,CHIP;100NF,10%,6.3V,X5R,TP,0402,T0: on here

1201-004036 (1x (U11002)) - IC-IF/RF AMP;BGA729N6,TSNP-6-2,6P,1.1X0: on here

1001-001975* (1x (U11005)) - IC-RF SWITCH;BGS12SN6,SPDT,TSNP,6P,1.1X0: on here

No, I do not get paid and no Kickbacks from Mouser :-) I just like their service and products. Been dealing with them for 15 years :-)

Does samsung change PCB payout between their korean and international version....?

That is something I've tried to find out but I don't have anything like images/PCB/diagram to compare and answer it. IT is possible and at this time, can not be ruled out. It will definitely need further research. Maybe somebody else can provide assistance to you on that topic.

This Answer is just to help you as much as I can. It is not to say that this will get you a radio on your phone :-) That will be your research :-)

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4 Commenti:

@oldturkey03 thanks, this is something i wouldnt be to sure about, i could do the soldering no issue but that would be about the height of it


@tech_ni absolutely. @mitjakocjancic really would just need somebody to do the soldering for him/her Like I mentioned in my answer as well, there are no guarantees that this will achieve the desired results. However, it's a nice project and could use your skills.



Wow thanks, (you found all the pasive components) (I even found FM chip here: (although its 10$ ok, if its just one chip I could live with that)

Now, the only chip I am not sure about what chip it even is (something korean probably is TDMB chip, not sure if samsung has some internal detabase that maps their wierd numbers into chip names, cuz even google cannot help me here)

I found schematic diagram:

and it looks like it might be the same between all boards, not sure (there are some KOREA only, EU Open warnings, so not sure)

As for finding someone that can solder, its great that

@tech_ni would know how to do that because this means that this is not rocket science that I firstly thought it was (everything here is so small)

Will try to find someone localy around Ljubljana, cuz this is my main phone and you know how people are today when they expect you to have your phone with you at all times :)


@mitjakocjancic look for someone that specializes in microsoldering, im not sure where you are looked but when i type mitja into google it says slovenia. if its slovenia you are in then i found this place that might be of help to you.


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