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A1706/ EMC 3071 — Lanciato nel novembre 2016, questo MacBook Pro introduce la Touch Bar OLED. Ha CPU Intel Core i5 dual-core "Skylake"e 4 porte Thunderbolt.

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"A critical software update is required for your Mac, but an error was

  1. I replaced the LCD... Booted up, tested the webcam. Success! I was in the clear. (So I thought...)

    I left and came back a couple hours later and there was a prompt on the screen asking me to join a Wi-Fi network. Okay...? I did as instructed and it said:

"A critical software update is required for your Mac, but an error was encountered while installing this update.

Your Mac can't be used until this update is installed"

  1. So I restarted it (and I $@$* you not, it takes 1:05 from pressing power to boot to the login screen) but it goes right back to the same Wi-Fi screen and tells me I need an update
  2. I followed (this Youtubers instructions and logged in with safe mode, backed up my files, and (for reasons unknown) flushed the DHCP server as he instructed and restarted. Took me back to the update screen again, and again and... It finally let me login. Weird.
  3. Now I have no touch bar and no facetime camera.

Software update says I'm up to date. (12.6.4) Did I break something? Do I have a bad screen? Wrong screen? Is there a solution?

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The firmware it’s referring to here is the firmware of the T1 chip, that appears specifically on 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pros (the Touch Bar variant specifically). As @danj mentioned, the T series of chips (T2 is just the revision that shows up on later Macs) is likely at fault. T1 and its successor are just mini CPUs basically that just handle certain functions. T1 is tied to Touch ID, the Touch Bar and the webcam (amongst others). Its inability to update may not actually be an update needed at all. It’s basically saying there’s a problem with T1 or the systems that T1 controls.

This could be as simple as a bunk screen. My suggestion would be to try to disconnect your display from the logic board and use an external display and see if you get normal boot.

UPDATE: Some of this is may be outside your skill set, unless you happen to also do board repair, but I found this little write up courtesy of Louis Rossman. Most of the time this problem has turned out to be related to the touchbar in my experience, but I doubt this is the case here. Mr. Rossman’s notes say bad camera due to flexgate, but it could just be bad camera period.

Block Image


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Was still sucking down my morning coffee! Corrected that pesky digit!

There are some odd issues one can encounter with these T1 systems I have yet to see any user actions that fixes the firmware issue.

I have seen resetting the SoC fix TouchBar issues but never when the FaceTime camera was also effected. If it was that alone then I would agree reseating the camera cable from the display would be my first try.


@danj I tend to swear by this guide from when i comes to this issue. It can be a bugger. And display would not be my first thought either. Historically I have replaced top cases for this issue because it is usually an issue with the Touch Bar. But I have seen weirder things.


@flannelist - Yes, it’s my bible for a lot of stuff. But experience over time has also guided me. It’s also a tech’s guide. This might be a bit much for the OP.

This guide is still a bit generic it doesn’t express the symptoms beyond the error message and what a dual area failure like this cause.


@danj Oh for sure on both accounts. It’s good to have a framework to work from. But even all the troubleshooting pages I’ve have written are not perfect. As hard as I try to make them be. It’s definitely a guide written for a tech, which is part of why I didn’t link it in my original post, but it’s a start.

I’m still convinced this is related to the replacement screen. But it can definitely be a tricky one to pin down. It has a lot of variables.


@flannelist I put the old flexgate screen back on and it's still doing it. :(


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Sadly, you need to go to an Apple Store for help here.

Your T1 chip controls the SameTime camera and the TouchBar which has three pieces! The modified A series SoC (what’s used in an iPhone), display and touch panel which connects to the T1 chip as well.

The T1 chip is controlled by the systems firmware which is where this all went wrong!

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I kinda understood you.

By SameTime = FaceTime

Soc = System on Chip

But you lost me at "modified A series SoC"? Do you mean modified BY ME when I did the screen repair? And when you say "touch panel" you mean touch bar, right?

Is there no other way than Apple Store? I still have the original screen and it works, it just has flexgate when you open it too far.

I guess what I'm really asking is WHAT DID I DO WRONG? Because I've done screen replacements on the A1706 at least 8 times without any issue. What make this time different?

The T1 chip is controlled by the systems firmware which is where this all went wrong!


@rickcostel - I got up real early this morning and one half of my brain was not fully awake 😆

So yes, FaceTime & System on Chip

The SoC in question here is Apples mod’ing not yours.

Yes, TouchBar

Well you do know flexGate was a free repair under an extended warranty program 😩 Sadly that shipped has sailed.

You didn’t do anything wrong! Having a messed up backlight cable shouldn’t effect the camera unless the edge got a wack damaging the FaceTime cameras flex cable connection or this display being used might have had issues. I would put on another display to see what happens.

The T1 is controlled by firmware and a bad load of that firmware is what likely happened. An Apple repair person has some magic behind the counter which may fix this and if you play nice they may get you that new screen to fix FlexGate.


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See my post here:

I had this issue also on my 2017 MacBook Pro however I have resolved it as mentioned on my post.

Hope this helps


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I’m not sure this apply’s here. OpenCore or any other OS shim service alters things.

DHCP is a local network thing. When you use a router with a non-routable IP address. The nly thing would be if you both used the same net ans subnet! Think of it this way… I’m headed to Las Vegas but which state! Nevada or New Mexico! Or any other Las Vegas without knowing the state or assume it’s the same state we are not necessarily getting to the same Las Vegas!

But Apple has a Class A IP address space so this shouldn’t be an issue!


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