PS2 FAT DTL-H30002 No Video No Audio?

I recently tried to use my old PS2 devkit but encountered some issues. When I inserted the power cable, the power and disc lights turned on, and the disc drive spun when I inserted a disc (which I confirmed by opening it up and inspecting it). However, when I connected it to a CRT via component, the screen jolted for a split second, but the color did not change, and I could not hear any audio. I have attached some images of the console below for reference.

To clarify, everything works when I turn it on, but there is no audio or signal. It's worth noting that I use the PS2 devkit as my main console because my dad never bought a retail version; he just kept the devkit. I have tried to troubleshoot the issue by looking for any visible hardware damage, checking the AV cord connection, ensuring that the TV is on the correct signal input, and attempting the blind control inputs to change video settings as suggested by other users on this forum. However, these possible fixes have not resolved the issue yet. I have not thoroughly inspected the console using a multimeter yet.

Here are some images of the motherboard, power board, AV port, etc. for reference.

mb pic #1

mb closer pic #2
mb cable held back pic #3
bottom pic of mb (back)

PowerBoard pic #1

av port closeup

av port close up #2

Video of it

In the motherboard picture, you might see a ribbon cable connected out. I was able to fix that, but it's still not outputting. I'm assuming that the issue might have something to do with the disc drive, which still works. I've already tried the solution suggested on Reddit, which is to switch the output configuration blindly using the following sequence: Down, X, Down, Down, Down, X, Left, X. Unfortunately, this didn't work for me.

If anyone has any other suggestions or solutions, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

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@squishylemon Do you have any other TVs or monitors you could test with? Do you have a regular composite video cable you could cut up?


@andrewsawesome, I do have a spare CRT TV that I could use tomorrow and I'll try connecting the PS2 devkit to it and post the results. I wanted to clarify that my PS2 devkit uses component video, not composite video. However, I still tried connecting my PS2 Slim to the TV using a composite video cable, and it didn't work. I didn't even get the slight jolt that I experienced when I connected the devkit using the component cable. I assume that component and composite video signals are not fully compatible with each other.


@squishylemon Yeah, component and composite video signals are two very different styles of relaying color signals, and it's harder to troubleshoot component. Let me know the results from the other CRT.


@andrewsawesome, I appreciate your help, I'll tell you the results tomorrow


@andrewsawesome, Okay, so the other TV also did not show anything. The TV I just tested was an LCD with component input. When I clicked the power button, there was no slight jolt or anything, just the exact same screen saying 'no signal'


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