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Fourth generation Samsung Android tablets. Released in April 2014.

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Tablet charger port broke I dont want to buy the charging port

my tablets charcging port broke badly i removed charging port from th flexible wire and tried to charge the battery by opening the back cover and charging it directly,The battery is full but when i power on no response i hold the power button and volume then also no response not even vibration,I even checked all the thin flexible wires that they are connect or not, found every single wire is connected properly its like dead so........can anyone say whats the problem??????????????????????????????

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When you say the charging port, do you mean the actual port in the device or the charging cable?

How did you charge the battery directly?

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not charging cable

thanks for reply


the charging port i am talking about

flexible wire means the thin wire it flexible and golden colour


Great, thank you. How did you charge the battery directly? What did you do to charge it?


directly.I cut the charging cable and

took positive and negetive and charged it i saw a youtube totorial


Can you say why it's not turning on


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