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Uno smarthone Android prodotto da Samsung lanciato nel gennaio 2017.

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Samsung A5 2017 new battery.

I am using Samsung A5 since 2018. After putting a new battery, even if I don't use the phone, the charge drops from 100% in the evening to 60-70% in the morning. Same thing happened when I put in 2 new batteries. Is this problem with the battery or is the phone somewhere related to the battery?

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@lazizsamadov all this will depend on what apps you are running in the background. Everything your phone does, even keeping time will use battery power. You also could try and calibrate your new battery. Read more about that on here and here as well

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I closed all running backgrounds, put background apps to sleep as well. However, in the evening, the phone charge drops from 100% to 60%-70%.


@lazizsamadov did you calibrate your battery?


@oldturkey03 Yes, I tried, but it didn't help. I think the problem is where the phone connects to the battery.


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