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Touchscreen unresponsive unless pressed hard

Hi there,

I am trying to fix an iPhone 5.

The only apparent problem is that the touchscreen is almost completely unresponsive, to the point where I cannot unlock it.

I have trouble understanding the problem, for the following reasons.

The screen is popping out of the case from the two top corners. When I press very hard on all sides of the screen, and keep it pressed, most of the time I am able to get the touchscreen to be almost entirely responsive. Of course it has to be somebody else, it isn't doable with just 2 hands.

It thus seems that the screen and digitizer themselves actually work.

But conversely, if I open the phone, keep everything plugged but with the screen lifted up, and turn it on, it is still completely unresponsive. I saw on videos that theoretically a touchscreen would work fine if only lifted up and still plugged.

The previous owner told me the problem started after a fall, an indeed one of the corners bears heavy marks of that fall, and the case seems slightly bent.

However, if the problem was the bent case, wouldn't the touchscreen work when lifted up from the case?

Thanks a lot in advance for the help!

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Would anybody have any idea?


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Fit a new screen. The screen obviously has a fault after the damage. A new screen for these is cheap too.

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Thanks a lot for the answer! Just so that I learn and become more autonomous, what kind of fault do you think that is? A false contact somewhere between the cable and the digitizer itself? Pressing hard on it would make the contact again?


@John Dupont it could be damage to a ribbon or a connection somewhere along the top of the screen that has been cracked and connects properly when pressure is applied.


Ok thanks a lot!! I really appreciate your help!


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Hi John,

I'm going to second @strongbow's opinion that you're probably in the market for a new screen.

But it's actually the screen not fitting correctly that's concerning me before you get to the point of addressing the touchscreen.

First of all, you had the phone open, correct? What condition is the battery in? The symptoms you describe are all consistent with a swollen battery; the screen not fitting and generally the swollen battery will be exerting pressure on the screen from the inside, interfering with its operation. So check the battery and make sure it's not puffy or pillowy; the outside casing should be wrapped tightly on the battery so it looks like a brick, not a pillow.

If the battery is okay, the next thing I'd make sure of is that the case isn't bent or distorted. Most of the time you can bend the case back into its proper shape, although you have to be careful when grabbing the outside of it to avoid cosmetic damage. Use a straight edge and check all four edges as well as diagonally to make sure the frame is square and flat. Worst case you would have to replace the midframe if it's distorted enough that it can't be straightened sufficiently.

Back to the touchscreen, there are delicate electrical connections where the flex cable is basically glued onto the digitizer glass. Those connections can easily be broken due to shock and the damage is generally not visible and isn't repairable.

As Nigel said, screens for the iPhone 5 are getting to be dirt cheap these days; if you shop around you can find them for around $15 USD. They're available at all the big retailers like eBay, Amazon and AliExpress.

Good luck; let us know what you find.

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Thanks A LOT for the very helpful answer!

Yes, I did suspect a swollen battery. I remember checking it, and not finding it particularly swollen. I'll check again, but in all cases I can affirm it wasn't blatantly swollen.

I also did check the casing's straightness, because I was wondering whether that could be the reason why the digitizer was not responding. I used a straight edge exactly as you suggested, and I saw that indeed the case was slightly bent.

I discarded it as the cause of the problem when I saw online that normally, if you open up the phone, with the screen lifted up, the digitizer should still work. Since mine didn't, I figured the bent case wasn't the cause of the problem.

Trying to wrap up everything, it seems to me that the best course of action would be to buy a new screen, test that it works, and if that's the case try to straighten the case back.

Do you confirm?

Thanks again VERY MUCH


@John Dupont That's a Roger, John; I concur. Definitely start with a new screen; since you're in there anyway you might as well put in a new battery as well; who knows how old it is - if it's the original then it's definitely time for a replacement.


Awesome thanks again VERY MUCH! I'll report back when I have no info :)


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Thank you for your detailed description of the issue you are facing with your iPhone 5. It appears that the main issue is that the touchscreen is not responding, despite attempts to press it or lift it up from the case.

It could be possible that the fall has damaged some internal components and wires, causing a disconnection between the touchscreen and other parts of the phone. It might also be possible that something in the case itself is preventing a connection between them.

The best course of action would be to open up your device and inspect all components for signs of damage or loose connections. If any are found, then they should be replaced or reconnected accordingly. You can also try using a different screen assembly or digitizer to see if those components are causing an issue.

If none of these solutions work, then it may require professional repair services as more serious problems may have occurred inside your device due to its fall.

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Thank you for the answer.

It seems there is a misunderstanding: the touchscreen IS responsive if pressed hard.

Does that change your interpretation?

I did open the device and inspect everything but couldn't detect anything that looked weird.


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