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5th Generation Ford Taurus refreshed in 2008 from the Ford Five Hundred, and similar to the Mercury Milan.

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Spark plugs and hoses

First off, I removed spark plugs and see black at the tip and also smell what seems to be gas?? Also can I get a vacuum hose diagram.. This question is actually for a 2006, could you still help??

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Hi Aaron,

We'll need more information about the black on the spark plug; for instance, is it a dry powder coating indicating carbon fouling, or wet and oily which would be oil fouled. Wet, gasoline-soaked plugs indicate that the fuel is not being burned in the combustion chamber, for example if the engine is flooded or there's insufficient voltage to the plugs like with a bad coil.

Champion spark plugs has a page on reading the condition of the plugs that would be worth taking a look at.

Reading Spark Plugs Color

I'll have to leave it up to some of our other contributors to help out with the vacuum hose diagram; I didn't have any luck finding one myself.

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