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La decima generazione del "phablet" Samsung, con stilo S Pen. Rilasciato nell'agosto 2019.

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screen no no longer works after battery replacement

HI there, I recently bought a battery from Ifixit for my note 10 plus.
i did the battery replacement and the device was perfect for about 3 hours. then all of a sudden the finger print scanner stopped working, i did a restart, the phone came up but the scanner was still not working. i tried doing another restart a few mins later after which i saw the Samsung logo flash as per usual but that was the last thing i saw on the screen, the display is fully black but the phone still works. i went back through the steps making sure ididnt miss anything ( as i said before the phone working perfectly after the battery swap for a few hours)

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Just wondering did you manage to fix the problem? Thanks


lol nope not even, dont have another phone to test the display or anything like that.


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I have little experience with Samsung phones, but here are some things to try:

  • Reseat the connector
  • If you still have the old battery unplug (but don't remove) the new one and plug the old one in and just set it on top of the new one then try to power the phone on
  • Check for damaged pins on the female and male screen connectors
  • Check for a damaged screen

You did say it worked for a little, and the Samsung logo appears so I'm thinking maybe some anti-repair method triggered or something with the software could be messed up. Maybe try booting in to safe mode using the following steps:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Turn it on by pressing and holding the power button.
  3. Once the Samsung logo appears, immediately release the power button and then press and hold the volume down button.
  4. Continue holding the volume down button until the device finishes restarting.
  5. Safe mode will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen. In Safe Mode, only the pre-installed apps will be available. This mode can help determine if any third-party apps, or viruses are causing the issue you are encountering on your device, if it boots into the OS I have heard Samsung has a "secret" debugging menu but I don't know how to get to it

If you find anything but don't know what to do comment on this, or email me ( and I can do more research for you. Good luck!

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How did you remove the old battery? As the screen is under the battery you could of damaged the screen taking the old battery out.


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