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The Bose SoundLink Mini II is a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that delivers high quality audio from a compact design. The device weighs approximately 1.5 pounds and has a Bluetooth range advertised up to 30 feet. The device was released after June 26, 2015 and is Identified by model number 725192-1110.

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Noise on strong base after changing the battery

I have a bose soundlink mini 2 that suddenly wont turn, i diagnosed it and in short the battery died. I have confirmed this that after removing (following ifixit guide) the battery i measured the voltage on the positive and negative wires and it read 0 volts, battery died.

I bought a replacement (not from ifixit, although it was tagged as "original" but it could be fake) and replaced the battery as per ifixit guide. It turns on now no problem. The probem starts when i play music with heavy base. at 40% volume it plays no problem , but at 50% it sounds that the base is clipping or something like that, at 80% when a heavy base comes the soundlink mini outright shutsdown and reset.

Have anyone experienced this problem? Could it be the battery? I really dont have a bench powersupply that can give it a high headroom of power. Or im just unlucky and i have a burnt circuit inside

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Drake Jest, This sounds like the device can’t get enough power from the battery in order to perform as expected.

I don’t have experience with this particular device, but most devices like this you can use both with power connected “on top” of battery. If you connect external power, and then run same tests again, does it still do this?

Many low quality aftermarket batteries don’t hold enough power to perform like original. It’s always best to purchase batteries (as most things) from reputable vendors. They do their own QC and they have a great return policy, should there be issues.

If you connect external power, and the problem disappears, you know 100% that the battery is at fault.

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i have tried with out the battery unfortunetly it does not play music, but i know it works though because i am able to update its software, and it makes beeping sounds , just not able to play music.


okay soooo it took all the intelligence i have to come up to connect two 18650 battery to test, and the verdict is....

The battery :D

the 18650 i used are top of the line high drain ones, and the speaker didnt have the clippings anymore.. so i guess i really got fake ones :) its so hard to buy originals in my country and its not easy to replace the li-ions inside the original battery you have to break its housing...


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