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Why is my touchscreen not responding to touch?

My brother just got a new phone so I get his old broken phone to try to fix it. The back glass was broken and he dropped it into water and quickly got it back out. A little bit later the faceID stopped working and the next day the touch screen didn't work. Eventually, he took it to a repair shop and they couldn't get the phone to turn on. I played around with it and got it to turn on though. The touchscreen still didn't work so I looked inside again and saw the LCIs were red. So, I gave it the alcohol treatment by taking out the logic board and soaking it in alcohol. The screen still doesn't respond to touch but it does seem to be in good condition. Not sure why this is happening and I don't know what to do next.

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Hi Dimitri,

Although I don't disagree with @hellomacos that there could be a fault on the logic board, it's also entirely possible that the screen itself got water damage and the digitizer isn't functioning. I don't know how to tell which one is at fault, the logic board or the digitizer, but at least the screen is something you could replace yourself. For the purposes of diagnosis you could buy a cheap LCD version of the screen to find out if that fixes the problem; at least you wouldn't be out for the full cost of a whole new OLED screen if it doesn't work; of course, if it does then you'd want to go ahead and get a decent replacement screen.

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Since I don't really need the phone at the moment I won't get a new screen but when I need a new one I might try getting a new screen. It would be risky though...



I think you may be on the right tracks

I was reading the Question and I saw that they mentioned LCI

at first glance I thought it was a typo for LCD but I think they are referring to liquid damage indicators?

As you said: screen or logic board could be the issue

A bit of looking around is needed;-)


@schmede I understand completely, Dimitri. With water damage there's just no way of knowing what's been affected. I personally feel that it's more likely the digitizer has died, but there are no guarantees here, which is why I suggested the LCD version, which can be gotten for $20 on AliExpress, possibly cheaper if you do a thorough search.


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Its sounds like there is a fault on the logic board due to the water damage

if you aren't comfortable doing micro soldering I would recommend taking it to a repair shop the specialises on microsoldering repairs

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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What part of the phone specifically would I have to micro solder/ what are the details?



it would most likely be the logicboard,and you would have to diagnose the fault aswell,this needs lots of equipment,its entirely up to you


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