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Rilasciato il 20 Settembre 2019, il Nintendo Switch Lite è una versione più economica e solamente portatile della console Nintendo Switch, dispone di controller Joy-Con integrati e di uno schermo leggermente più piccolo.

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I replaced left joy con it works going up and down but not left to rig

I replaced the left joy con stick and it responds going up and down but not left to right?

Update (01/13/2023)

To add, before I replaced it, it was not going left or right. Replaced it and still does the same thing.

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Does the joystick still move freely? Or are you meeting resistance when you try to move it?

I'd recommend using the built in joystick calibration in the switch settings as it helps with most joystick related issues, however if you aren't able to push the joystick all the way to each side, the problem is likely either debris between the joystick and the front panel, or the case being screwed together too tightly.

Try the calibration first and let me know how it goes, we'll troubleshoot it together and get this figured out!


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Hello, thank you for your help. I did try calibrating first when I attempted to calibrate the first time it shows the joystick being responsive, going up and down but left and right it shows no response. It moves freely and smoothly doing small research. It was recommended that I replace the joystick which I did Earlier this evening everything still moves freely but I have the same problem if I go on the calibration, it moves up and down but shows no left to right movement in the calibration. That’s where I am at a loss.


It's definitely a peculiar case, all signs point to it being the standard controller drift, however replacing it would have worked so that definitely isn't the case.

The joystick also only uses a single ribbon cable, so it if it's a connection issue it's a problem with the connector on the board as opposed to the joystick, which is highly unlikely.

Next step would be to spray some compressed air in and around the gap between the joystick and the casing, given that the joystick is moving freely and it's a recent replacement, debris likely isn't the issue either, however I'd like to rule it out completely.

If the issue persists, disassemble it again, and try using the joystick with as much of it apart as possible (joystick connected to the daughterboard, the ribbon connecters from the main board to the daughterboard should be just long enough to test it outside of the case.

Finally the issue might be with the connector itself (from the daughterboard to the joystick) hopefully this is not the case though.



@lemoncurdd thank you for your help. I tried the compressed air again just to be sure that’s not helping anything. I may not take it apart until tomorrow as it is getting late I will let you know if that does anything but again I appreciate your help. my question is if it is the daughterboard connector, can we just replace the daughter board?


Sounds good!

Keep me posted, and yep! Replacing the daughterboard would be the next course of action


Upon taking it apart and testing it while the back is open. We have now become completely unresponsive so our next step is definitely the daughter board. Thank you so much for your help. It was much appreciated.


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Exact same issue here.

Update (01/03/24)

It is the flex cable between the mother board a daughterboard.

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