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Guide di riparazione e informazione sullo smontaggio del MacBook Pro 16" rilasciato nel novembre 2019. Modello A2141, EMC 3347.

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Is this a GPU problem or a display issue?

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I was watching Youtube when this started happening.

It's had some weird graphics issues in the past (horizontal green lines), but this seems different. Is this a GPU issue or a display issue?

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Did you bang the hinge area or get something caught on the upper case when you closed the lid like a paperclip or other object near the hinge area?

Sadly, this is an expensive repair as the part alone is around $800


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My initial thought is display. Especially based on the bands of "normal" in between. These stripes almost certainly align with the cabling inside the display.

You can see what I mean a bit in this photo from a 13" model with the bottom bezel (where the MacBook Pro branding is) removed.

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The best way to know for sure is to connect it to an external display. Normal video out is a dead ringer for it's a display issue.

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