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1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.8GHz) with 3MB shared L3 cache

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Issues with backup taken in Mojave while downgrading to Lower os x

My problem is related to revival of an old MacBook Air with OS X Mohave. I wanted to downgrade to El Capitan and made a clean install of OS X using a bootable installer prepared from a dmg file. But after that it is not possible to use the Time Machine backup for file migration. This is because of the earlier upgrade to Mojave. After the Mojave upgrade I don't see the purchased items in my App Store and can't download a copy of El Capitan from there. How to solve this problem ? Thanks for any suggestion.

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I’m confused here - Is the question where to get the older macOS or unable to get to your backup files?

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My old macair had osx Mojave and there is a time machine backup. I want to downgrade to El Capitan. How to do this? Using an installer disk prepared following the apple support pages does work for instillation of macos. I got El Capitan installed. But file system can not be restored from time machine backup prepared using an upgraded os. How to go about this? Thanks.


@dmahapatra - Sadly, I don’t think there is a way as the file system of Mojave is the newer APFS while El Capitan uses the older HFS+

The only way I can think of requires you to us a second Mac which is running Mojave then connect your backup drive to it. Now using a network to connect the two systems sharing your Mojave’s drives. I think that will work. I haven’t tried but logically it should work.


@danj - But there is something interesting. My old TM backup disk shows macOS Extended Journaled (HFS+) file system and not APFS. In fact disk utility does not show an APFS container for the internal disk. Because I wanted El Capitan I did erase the internal disk formatting it in HFS+. So everything is in HFS+ . Even then the backup volume is not read !

Because of the migration problem in El Capitan I loaded Mojave again. This copy is there in my backup volume. I could load it without changing to APFS format. I could then load all files through TM backup. The system is up with HFS+ format. In this case for the internal disk I don't see an APFS container.

But I sincerely want to downgrade since my system has only 4gb ram and it is definitely slower after the upgrade. I will probably try to get the file system copied through a manual or network transfer that you have suggested. Thank you .


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