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Repair information for the PowerA Spectra Controller. This Xbox controller was released in June 2017, model CPFA115536-01.

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My Blue Camo PowerA Xbox Controller Doesn't Work With My Computer

The controller works fine with the console and has no issues there. But when I plug it into my computer, it won't even power on.

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@russellrepairs what version Windows are you using and does your computer recognize that there is a USB connection made? Have you checked with PowerA on drivers etc


@oldturkey03 I'm using Xbox Cloud on A Chromebook MediaTek 11. I have not checked about drivers but I will. Thank you.


@russellrepairs I see! Hm, could it be a compatibility issue with that? Checked with PowerA on that? Interesting indeed.....


@oldturkey03 I have not checked with PowerA but I will first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you for the helpful advice.


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Not sure but if the controller needs power from the USB port, then a lot of Chromebooks don't supply power to the connected device on the USB port.

You may have to connect the controller via a powered USB hub

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Thanks for helping me!


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