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A new version of the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 was announced in February 2019, with Android 9.0 Pie (upgradable to Android 10), the Exynos 7904 chipset and an IPS display with an unchanged resolution. The rear flash is removed, S-Pen support is dropped and the battery is smaller, while the front camera is upgraded to 5 MP and the speakers are now stereo. Models numbers: SM-T515 & SM-T510.

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I have hard time charging it

I believe I have the Samsung tab A8. It is not 8 inches nor running on Android doesn't have Spen and the camera is in corner and it has a Sim slot but no bloatware so it must be a factory unlocked device. My question is it works perfect except when I go to charge it, I have to put the charge cord in just ever so right and it will charge. You can't just plug it into the charge port and walkaway. It's gotta be finagled just right to start charging. I went to a phone and tablet repair shop and he said 220$ to fix it. I laughed at him because two weeks prior I bought a Samsung galaxy S4 tablet, which was considered one of best tablets till besides the s7 & s8 for only 225 for a grade A one so I knew right then he was jiving me. If it really does cost that much I'll buy a s4 again without even thinking twice. Could you help me please

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My old Samsung Galaxy tab a8 btw I don’t know the year I have been trying to charge it but it doesn’t work no matter what


@lulubee1975 sounds like a bad charging port. Start off by identifying your Tab and let's begin with that Samsung Galaxy Tab A You will find that often enough, they use a separate charging board. Replacing that can actually fix your Tab. It all depends on what model you have.


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It sounds like a dry joint, but where? It can also mean that the port needs cleaning properly (no hair, no dust, etc... a can of clean compressed air [not air compressor!] works wonders). Start by swapping out the coded cable, then the charger with a known good one of the exact same model to see if that's the issue. If it's still playing up, re-work the socket (using separate liquid flux). If it's still an issue, you will have to trace back the circuit from the charge port and re-work anything looking suspect until it's fixed.

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