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Easy to use camera for children, able to be mounted on bikes, skateboards, helmets, etc..

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Why is my Kidizoom Creator Cam Not Charging?

My Camera isnt on the list

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I know nothing about your camera, but can give you some general information.

There are going to be four main areas to look at in trying to figure out why a device isn't charging.

  1. Charger
    If the charger itself isn't putting out the correct voltage or current, your device won't charge. The most accurate way to tell is with a USB power meter, but the easiest is to simply try a different charger.
  2. Charging cord
    Cords can get frayed or damaged; the wires inside can break (and not be visible) or the pins on the connectors at the ends can get bent, broken or disconnected. Again, a USB power meter will tell you if the cord is working or you can just try a different cord.
  3. Charging port
    Easily the part most subject to wear and tear on almost any electronic device is the charging port. The ports can get clogged up with dirt, lint and any number of things, so it's important to clean the port out using something like a microfiber eyeglass cloth, a toothpick (or other non-metallic poky thing) and some isopropyl alcohol. Don't use the 70% stuff we all have around the house; you'll want some that's 90% concentration or higher.
    If that doesn't do the trick, it's possible the port has gotten damaged or lost connections to the circuit board it's mounted on. Inspect the pins inside with a magnifying glass and a bright light; occasionally it's possible to straighten out a bent pin with some fine tip tweezers, but if pins are broken then the charging port will have to be replaced. That's a job that usually involves soldering of electronic components and requires a small modicum of skill at soldering, but can be done at home in most cases.
    Try plugging in the charging cord and flexing it up, down, left and right to see if any position makes contact and gives you a charging indication. If so, it's possible a circuit board connection has broken off and again, the port will need to be replaced.
  4. Battery
    Finally, it'll be time to look at the battery. All batteries have limited lifetimes, so depending on how old your device is and how much use it's seen, the battery may simply no longer be capable of holding a charge. Lithium Ion batteries also have a tendency to swell up when they've reached the end of their life, so if you open up the device and examine the battery and see that it's swollen then it's definitely time to replace it.
    Otherwise, if you're handy with a voltmeter you can measure the voltage going to the battery when it's on the charger and also when the charger is unplugged. If you don't get power coming out of the battery, again it's time for a new one.

Of course, this is all complicated by the fact that we don't have any guides for your camera, so you'll have to wing it as far as disassembly if you choose to go that route. The other model that is available shows the battery being soldered in, so you'd have to deal with that if needed.

That's about all I have to contribute; I hope it helps. Check out my suggestions and let us know what you find.

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I have this same problem. It is brand new, a Christmas gift for my daughter. I am using the cord that it came with. Ive tried it in a socket, in a laptop, in a docking station. It never charges. The child has wanted to use it so many times. I'm so disappointed.


thanks for the information! @dadibrokeit


Same here tried the charger it came with and a Samsung one that’s for her tablet and both say reminder: USB connection is for data transfer only, not charging!!!!


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@Melissa P et al this is really just to augment the excellent answer given by @dadibrokeit. It appears that this camera is using a particular way of charging.

Block Image

Block Image

This "Only charge this device using the included micro USB cable connected to a computer." makes me wonder if they are using a proprietary cable.

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