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Guides and repair information for Kenwood mixers.

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Mixer model kmx50 accelerate and slow down speed control no reaction

So far have replaced with new electrical module where all components are fitted together like speed control dial and capacitors and problem not solved, mixer it self have only three electrical components the main module and speed sensor and the corpse open sensor, there should be easy fix otherwise the motor is defective but is running continuesly at low speed so difficult to say is defective.

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Problem was the speed control sensor located above on the motor with three cables, never thought such tiny part make the stand mixer defective. This sensor is installed on more kmix models so if you have such issue then you know where to look.

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My mixer same thing, speeds up and then slows to 30%. The sensor between the fan and motor was rubbing on the magnet and wore away the hall effect sensor. I got a replacement item KW710626 about £10 and that fixed the problem. I fixed sensor board in place so sensor no longer rubs.

The hall effect sensor had marking 44e 106 if you want to find just the part to replace (3 legged small square device)


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