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Repair information for Whirlpool dishwashers.

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Dishwasher works intermittently, then fills and drains but won't wash

My Kenmore 665.13693N411 dishwasher works fine for a week to a month at a time, then stops spraying. It fills and drains fine, and heats the water to steaming, but then it will run the entire cycle without spraying. During the wash part of the cycle I hear only a slight hum or whirr instead of the usual splashing sound.

The solution has been to run the diagnostic cycle: punch three buttons three times, wait for flashing lights, close door, wait 25 minutes for diagnostics to complete, then try a wash cycle again. One or two diagnostic cycles usually does the trick.

The error code displayed at the beginning of the diagnostic cycle is always F6-E4 = float switch open. But I hear the float switch click when I raise and lower the float valve, and the washer always fills and drains flawlessly, so I doubt the float valve switch is bad.

Nor do I think I have a bad door latch, because the washer will always run a wash or diagnostic cycle when I close the door.

I'm guessing my intermittent spraying problem is caused by an intermittently failing circulation pump, and that I should replace it.

Does that make sense? Is there anything else I should check first? Thanks!

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Have you tested the float valve electrically? Just because it clicks doesn't mean that it is OK. Being intermittent it may be a loose or corroded connection to the valve terminals that is the problem. It seems that there is something happening with the float valve circuit given that it always gives the same error code when it fails.

It may also be an intermittently faulty diverter valve (example only to show location).

It is the diverter valve that controls the direction of the water between the circulation pump and the drain pump.

To check if the circulation pump is working and that the diverter valve is in the correct position, place the spray arms in a remembered position i.e. side to side or front to back in the machine, then start the machine and allow it to fill. When it starts to wash open the door to stop the machine and check the position of the arms. It is the pressure of the water being pumped through the arms that causes them to turn.

Here's the tech sheet for the dishwasher that may help. It shows the electrical circuits for the circulation pump, the diverter valve and the float switch (see Fill strip circuit).

Immagine W10537869 - Whirlpool Dishwasher Motor


W10537869 - Whirlpool Dishwasher Motor


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Thanks for the tech sheet!

Sigh... intermittent problems are tricky. ’ll have to wait for the next failure to test.

More history: when I moved in, this washer wasn't filling. I replaced the diverter valve with a new one. Still no fill. The float valve switch tested fine w/ a multimeter, then I found & soldered a loose wire connection where an old f/v switch had been replaced w/ a new one. Since then, the washer has filled & drained flawlessly (which is why I trust the f/v switch & its wiring.)

I’ve spray arm position tested during failure periods, & they don't move. Also, I can hear there’s no spray & see that soap residue remains in the open dispenser, & food on dishes. Bottom line: fill & drain always works. Circulation spray intermittently (every few weeks) stops working until I run one or more diagnostic cycles.

Perhaps the replacement diverter is bad. Next time the dishwasher stops spraying, I'll retest the f/v switch & connections, then I'll try the old, saved f/v to see if that kickstarts the spray.



If possible the next time it doesn't spray check if there is 120V at the circulation pump.

The circuit path for the wash pump is in the tech sheet


Thank you! If it behaves the way it has, the next failure will be one to a few weeks off. Then I'll open it up and electrically test the circulation pump and float switch valve circuit. I may also try my alternate diverter. And I've even purchased replacement beatings for the motor, per this YouTube video:

When the time comes, I'll post back. Appreciate your help!


What did you figure out?


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