Odd problem- IO board or Logic Board?

Have an odd problem:

The other day I was on youtube and I got the pinwheel of death, my computer froze, and I turned it off. WhenI turned it back on I got the white screen, so I turned it off and on a few more times and it was still a white screen, sometimes showing the folder with the question mark, and circle with the line through it.

I let it sit until the next day and it booted up fine. For the next few days this would happen. I managed to repair the discs, took the IO cable off, cleaned it and everything seemed fine.

I boot it up yesterday and I have been getting the white screen, and the missing folder icon. I plugged a USB in, and it crashed my computer. Trying to creating a backup also crashes it.

The charging port works, as well as the backlight and the screen. As it sits now, sometimes the apple with the loading bar will come up, and then it will get to the end off the loading bar and nothing happens, it will just sit with a full bar.

I tried to do a clean install and the SSD wasn't recognized to install a new version of the OS.

What should I try and replace?

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