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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds.

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Fix magnetic field in the case

How can i fix the magnetics in the upper part of the case to make it knows when the case is opened or closed ?

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So the easiest way of fixing this issue would be to replace the actual magnets within the case.

However, there is a way to fix the magnets themselves. Magnets work when the electrons surrounding a proton line up (Think of each atom as a smaller magnet). When a large group of these magnetic atoms lines up they generate a larger magnetic field. So to answer the question of fixing the magnetic field for the case's magnet, you would need to align those atoms, which could be done by using a significantly stronger magnet to realign these atoms.

The problem is that these earbuds are much harder to repair due to how they are built, and they make them close to impossible to fix.

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I know this question is older; but in case this helps anyone else looking for answers.

I had a very similar problem with Raycon Everyday Earbuds. The case would fully charge (plugged in or on magsafe charger); but the buds were not getting charged when in the case (the red lights for bud charging would not show up and buds would die) unless the case was plugged in. I tried all the resets, checked for updates, etc, and chatting with customer support only had me do the same things with no success.

Then I realized that my buds were connecting to my phone sometimes even when in the case with the lid closed which should not happen. It finally dawned on me that both problems meant the case was behaving as if it were not closed. After an unreasonably obsessive deep dive I found out that the way these cases know they are closed has to do with a magnet in the back somewhere (the hinge side, not the side that actually opens). So, even though the front magnets connected when I closed the case that 3rd back magnet had shifted internally and wasn't telling the case it was closed.

There are three solutions: getting a refund or replacement if manufacturer's warranty applies, drilling into the back of the case and repositioning the magnet ( I found an old Youtube video of someone doing exactly that with a different brand case), OR you can literally just stick a medium to high strength magnet to the bottom of the case and move it around until you see the bud charging light come on and Voila! This is what I did so I can still use these as a back up pair and they work perfectly fine as long as there is a magnet on the bottom of the case. I just bought some inexpensive disc magnets on Amazon and they work like a charm.

Hope this keeps someone else from going down the same rabbit hole!

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