All lights blinking on display. What could it be?


Hi there. My printer suddenly start to blink all lights together when it is ON. I tried to do a factory reset and more things to repair, but no lucky.

Any hints on how to to fix it?


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Did you try running Print and Scan Doctor? If it's not installed in your system, you can download it from HP website:


Also, on their forum a user experiencing the same issue with another Deskjet printer seems to have successfully solved it by uninstalling the printer using the utility on the bundled CD, unplugging the power cord and plugging it back after some time, here's a link to the thread:


Firstly, thanks for replying back to me Simone!

Yes, I did try but since the printer isn't recongnize by the computer as it is in a current malfunction there is no way to fix it using this app.

I have checked this forum that you sent, but at least till now it didn't work. I tried to everything the user recommended, but unfortunately it isn't working.

Thanks a lot!


I see, then maybe try tackling each possible error code one at a time if you haven't yet, like reseating/replacing ink cartridges, clean the contacts etc. (more info here: Sorry I couldn't help further, hopefully someone more knowledgeable on the subject here can help you figure out a way to make it work again

Personally had a printhead error on my Canon ip3600 some yrs ago, and at the time - having decided not to invest too much time on disassembling, cleaning, basically investigating the cause (such as stuck/clogged internal parts) or search far and wide for an affordable and good quality printhead replacement - I assessed that buying a new printer would be my best choice. I'm regretting it now though, since it had some cool features like PictBridge and an internal paper tray...


Yeah, completely understand and it is what I'm gonna do. I have already tried to do all possible steps to fix it. Actually, this 'terrible' printer is the worse that I always had in my life. Hard to install, hard to fix and etc...the 'good part' is this is a cheaper one, may be it is the reason, but a printer life would need to be more than 1 year at least, no matter how much you pay, and this one had only 8 months of life :(

Thanks a lot Simone!


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