Sharp remote refuses to pair with TV. Please help I'm so fed up

Hi everyone, please could someone please help?

I bought a brand new sharp aquos tv over a month ago. I've struggled to pair the remote with it ever since so whilst searching for answers, have been just using the actual TV buttons to switch it on/off, volume etc.

But I've had enough now. I contacted the seller and they sent me a New remote but that still hasn't helped.

Now, as of 5 minutes ago, even the tv buttons don't work.

It's now stuck on the Netflix sign in page, which i wasnt even using and I cannot get it off.

I've tried turning it all off for varying amounts of time (according to several forums), pressing varying different buttons at once, pressing All the buttons after turning it all off and on, etc, kissed it, licked it and am at the point of wanting to set it alight !

Can someone Please please help before I completely lose my mind ?

Thank you

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Please confirm the model number of your TV?


Really stupid question but you do have batteries in the remote and in the correct way?


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