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A hand-held heat gun released in 2007 by Harbor Freight Tools. Item number 96289.

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device works, rattle inside. piece holding power cord in place broken

Piece fell out. Do I have to replace ?

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I think I'm just going to super glue the power cord in place on the plastic directly underneath it to stabilize and keep it from moving.. plastic piece holding it in place broke off. No way to reattach.

That area doesn't get any heat.should be safe. Device still works regardless


Thank you, that makes more sense for sure 🌷


Thank you, makes more sense !


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@ckp55 don't use super glue. Use something like a RV sealant or Silicone adhesive. Superglue will just crumble and be useless. The other adhesives will remain somewhat flexible and will not crumble and fail.

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