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External storage options by Seagate, usually connected by USB, available in many storage sizes and form factors.

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Seagate Business NAS acting abnormally

I have just acquired a Seagate Business NAS 2 bay. It didn't have the original power supply, so I bought one from Amazon. It seems to work normally, but I'm unable to turn the unit off via regular methods. I connected it to my network and downloaded the requisite software. The software found it, and I can access the maintenance page via IP address in my browser. It even found the hard drives I put in there.

The problem is I'm unable to factory reset it so I can make use of all functionality. I followed the instructions in the manual and it refuses to reset. Is there anything else I can do to make this work?

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@enron_hubbard how did you try to reset this? Which one of these steps does not work for your device

Flashkey? Interesting. Probably has the NAS-OS on it to reboot and reset.

See what you can get from here


When it was on, I held down the reset button in back. First for 5 seconds, then 10,then 15. The manual stated the light would flash, but none of that happened.


@enron_hubbard Used the paper clip yet :-) ?


@oldturkey03 Is there another reset hole that only a paper clip can fit in? I was able to poke the button with a pen.


@oldturkey03 This thing refuses to turn off or reboot. Short press, long press, this thing just stays on. Is there a USB key I can make to automatically load NAS OS?


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Have you tried contacting Seagate support? I would do that.

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The unit has been out of warranty for years, typically companies just direct you toward buying a new unit.

I searched for forums but apparently Seagate has shut theirs down.


@enron_hubbard - That maybe true, but if you don’t ask there’s little we can help here.


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