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A mobile computer manufactured in 2010 by Hewlett-Packard(HP).

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Can you make a tutorial to access the graphics card inside

One day I downloaded a game and for some reason the graphics card died, thus had never happened before and since im a very curious guy i wanted to see what happened to it inside

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Hi Ajjalid,

I'm afraid you're not going to find a graphics card inside your laptop. That computer uses the Intel HD Graphics 3000 coprocessor which is integrated into Intel's Sandy Bridge CPU. It would be incredibly rare for the graphics chip part of your processor to fail and leave the rest of the CPU running fine, so I would first suspect software as the source of the problem rather than a hardware failure.

You might try updating your drivers before you look into tearing your system apart to look for a non-existent graphics card.

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@ajjalid Attach an external monitor on it and see if that displays anything. If so, you know the failure is with your internal monitor and not the GPU of your laptop. You forgot to tell us what the laptop shows you right now. You also should tell us what you have tried to fix this, or if you see anything when you restart your computer.

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