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I need someone to install a new battery...

Hi. I need someone to replace the battery in my grandson's iPod Nano - 5th Generation.

I watched the video and the procedure is way over my head. I am limited to changing batteries in my flashlight! LOL.

Can someone help?



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How old is your grandson? Where do you live?


the nano 5thG is a real test of endurance and patience...I gave mine to oldturkey03 because I never wanted to look at it again. just take a look in answers and you'll find OT, not sure if he wants work though! But he's great for advice on all things ipod and he'll help you do this fix.


I agree with Polly on using OT if he wants to do it, but it probably won't be cheap.


Agreed, would give it a try if you're into DIY puzzles but to have another person do it that isn't a good friend would be half the way to replacement i'd imagine.


Richard, the iPod Nano is a royal PITA to work on :-) It is very tricky to work on due to the amount of technology crammed into a very small space. Of course I am willing to help any way I can, and I am not into doing this for money. It is a great hobby and lots of fun. If you would like me to assist you with it, contact me via my email. The address is in my profile....Thanks go out to my colleagues for their trust in me.


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MANY thanks for your input!

EVERYONE that I have been contacted by on the site has been WONDERFUL. Response to my question was very quick very caring, and most importantly, very accurate.

I'm going to surprise my grandson with the ipod Touch. I have his ipod backed-up to my Powerbook, so I'll be able to give him aal of his content on a new ipod. I'm already excited to see his face.

So I'll be back when I need help again, and I will be sure to refer everyone I know to!

Many thanks again,



Thanks to mayer, pollytintop, chris, and oldturkey03 for your time and your help. You helped me to learn and check in advance about a products repairibility.

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you're welcome Richard! Your grandson will love it, and the look on his face? "Priceless"! And that is all that matters.


You're welcome Richard. All the best to you and your grandson is lucky to have you....:-)


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Thanks again everyone. I wish I could post a photo. When I gave my grandson the iPod Touch... the boy lit-up like never before.

I have since purchased a new 21.5" iMac and boy DID MY FACE LIGHT-UP!!! LOL.

The boy and I now FaceTime often. Usually for Math homework assistance.

It is truly a great time to be alive.

All the VERY best to you all.


Over & Out

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What happened to the nano?

Are you based in Europe?

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Bol check in the comments left by Richard "we live in Sacramento, CA" :-)


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