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How would I go about replacing my USB port?

I do not have any advanced tools for the replacement of a USB port and I do not know who I would have to go to get it fixed. From what I have seen from the previous questions, there is probably a loose connection, as the USB port only works at certain angles, however, I do not know what tools I would need to fix this, and I also do not know if I would be able to fix this. Please respond soon, as I do not wish to be without a mouse, and instead have to buy a wireless USB extension.

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The USB will need to be replaced 100%, however, I do not know if I could possibly buy the slight extension of the motherboard that the USB is mounted upon on my device, as it seems to be a unique part that could probably be replaced if there was a producer that sold to the public. I think I may have somehow fried something there or something because my computer lags whenever a USB device incidentally disconnects from my laptop.


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Hi Zion 2,

Actually, you're in luck. The USB port is contained on a small separate circuit board that also holds the power button, so no soldering is required to replace the port. HP even supplies the service manual showing exactly how to replace the part, and from my reading of it, it's fairly simple and straight-forward.

Basically, you just have to remove the bottom cover, unplug the battery, take out the hard drive and then the board is just held in with two screws. If you can work a screwdriver then you've got this! Here's the guide; the power button/USB port board replacement instructions start on page 44.

Maintenance and Service Guide HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Laptop PC

The specific part you need is apparently dependent on the color of your case; I assume the power button matches. Here are the three part numbers that fit. Note that you can use any color; it's just that the power button's color may no longer match your case unless you can figure out how to swap the old plastic with the new one on the button.

Power button/USB board for use in ghost white models L72694-001
Power button/USB board for use in acid green models L72695-001
Power button/USB board for use in ultra violet models L72696-001

Here's an example of one I found for sale; if you do an internet search on your particular part number, I'm sure you can find more; they're available on eBay and Amazon and other places. If you aren't picky about the button color, just buy the cheapest one; they're all HP parts so you don't have to worry about aftermarket part quality.

L72695-001 - Hewlett-packard (HP) - Power Board Green LED

Good luck; let us know how it goes!

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