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WiFi greyed out & Bluetooth Constant spinning

So I feel that ever since I updated to IOS 16 things have been rough, like my screen autorotate is broken, but I can live with that. What I can't live with, is the fact that the on/off slide for my WIFI is greyed out, and I can "turn it on" from the control center but it will turn off soo after. On top of that my Bluetooth is just a spinning wheel that I cannot interact with, stop, whatever.

I have tried every online solution that I could find: put it in airplane mode and restart, take it out of case, reset network settings, even those third party repair drivers apps. Nothing has worked. So today I broke and finally opened my phone for the first time and replaced both antenna and it STILL doesn't work. I have no idea what to do, I've factory reset it, I've done everything I can find, but nothing works.

Does anyone have any clue what this could be caused by?!?!?!

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And my phone is on IOS 16.1.1 now


Hey Lex! @grimmatlas. I have the same problem as you. Did you solve the issue and how


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If WiFi is greyed out, the issue is unlikely to be antenna related. Antennas will just boost the level of the signal, but WiFi could still be enabled. You're signal would just be crummy.

This is much more likely to be a board level issue. The iPhone Will Not Connect to WiFi page offers some fairly comprehensive troubleshooting steps. But I would focus specifically on the logic board section towards the end since I suspect that's your issue.

I don't recall whether or not the gyroscope/accelerometer are also on the bottom board and no schematics available for iPhone 13 series that I know of. But that issue could also be related.

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Hello Lex,

Replacing the antennas won't help. The software won't help either. You have a broken interposer or the connection to it is not continuous. Take it to a good repair shop. Within an hour, your phone will start working normally again.

Sometimes it happens that the old versions of the application on the phone can not work with the new IOS 16. The problems that arise can be different: from battery problems to WiFi and general phone disruption. Reset the phone to factory settings and do not restore from a backup. Install new phone without icloud and face.ID - For trial only. If nothing changes, WiFi and BT will not return, use the hint above.

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