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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 6a with 5G smartphone. Released in July 2022.

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fingerprint reader not working after screen replacement

I replaced the screen using the official ifixit screen with the integrated fingerprint reader.

after replacing the screen, the fingerprint function was not working.

if I try to enroll a new fingerprint, I get a prompt saying the phone can't use the fingerprint sensor and to take it for repair. it also included a link to "" which just redirects to google's docs on using the fingerprint reader.

I tried this tool: and after rebooting, I no longer get the prompt and can get to the enroll fingerprint stage, but it still fails to read my fingerprint; i get 'couldn't process fingerprint' no matter what finger or direction i press.

any assistance or insight would be appreciated.

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iFixit sent me a new screen and that seems to have fixed my fingerprint reader issue.

factory reset is NOT required

here is the repair procedure i followed to be able to re-use my fingerprint reader (you'll need to do this whenever you swap out a fingerprint reader):

  1. swap screens per ifixit docs
  2. power on phone to make sure it was successful
  3. boot phone into fastboot mode
  4. go to google's repair tool ( and run it.
  5. once the tool finishes, it reboots your phone.
  6. after initial reboot, reboot again.
  7. you should be able to enroll/scan fingerprints as normal

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I can confirm this method works great, don't forget to install Google USB drivers so you can connect your phone to your pc otherwise it does not work.


Hi there

The calibration tool worked successfully and I rebooted it manually after the initial reboot. The fingerprint sensor still does not work. Any help?


The calibration tool appears to no longer install with the latest Pixel version updates (mine = December 2022). Will get stuck with message "Couldn’t install the software". Some suggest the calibration software on the phone claims to be newer — confusingly, the online tool seems the only way to run it though, which doesn't work.

So as of now the replaced fingerprint readers are useless until Google provides a fix.


I replaced my screen and the FP sensor wasn't working. I didn't replace the screen/sensor again, but rather just followed these steps and it works great now!


Esta app nao é para o Pixel? Ou pode ser usada em qualquer smartphone? Foi a unica coisa que ainda nao experimentei


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It won't work if you had updated your Pixel to the latest software. Says that the version on the phone is newer.

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That's right. I have that problem now. My Pixel is running in Android 13 and i can't use the tool to calibrate the sensor. It just didn't recognize it.


Has anyone come up with a fix on this? running into the same issue


same issue tired running the repair on fastboot mode and said the existing version is old


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Google has a repair online for it. You have to connect your phone to your pc and follow the instructions. Have a google, it’s not hard to find.

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is it the tool i described in the original post?


@thunderstorm00 I just looked and yes it is. I also read you need to factory reset your device after using the tool. Don’t take my word for it. I’ve calibrated one before and if I remember rightly I shut down the phone completely then turned it back on and the sensor started working. Try it before the restore option, back it up first if you have to.


The process described above worked perfectly for me using my Macbook Air.


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