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Overheating Mac Mini 2014 after OWC SSD Aura Pro X2

Hi people!
After upgrading a Mac Mini 2014 with a OWC SSD Aura Pro X2 i did notice it restart by itself and also an overheating warning from DriveDx application. I read that it seems it not an isolated issue.

Should i reset PRAM? can i do i memory or Hardware check?  

Any help or ideas please?
Thanks! ;-)

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What capacity Is the SSD?


1 TB storage


What was your system configuration beforehand? Was is a Fusion Drive (HDD & SSD)


Yes, it was Fusion Drive 1TB. It was a bit slow. Well it is a Mac Mini 1.4 GHZ. Somebody suggested to change to an OWC SSD Aura Pro X2. I did not notice the world of difference I might say. I installed 4 month ago. Now the Mac Mini restarting on their own and DriveDx overheating kind of worries me.


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@uzapucax Bingo! Your OWC is acting as the cache drive which you pulled. Put the Apple drive back in and break the Fusion Drive set if you can. Some macOS’s don’t clear so you’ll need to backup and wipe the HDD to clear its linkage to the Apple drive.

You’ll want to setup the SSD as your boot drive to get the performance. Install the MacOS onto it and copy over your Apps to it as well.

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Thank you for responding in detail!

That sounds interesting. I hope that will solve the issue. The Mac Mini is restarting itself. I don't know if it's a hardware problem with the incompatibility of readers or something.

By the way, If I post some of my Disk Utility screenshot of my drives Would you be able to detect the problem is SSD is not the boot drive?

This is how I set up the new OWC SSD earlier. I'm not sure I got it right. I'm following the OWC video.

1. - I pulled out the old Fusion drive (before a full backup of files)

2. - I was sure that I had a newer Mac OS to play OWC Drive.

3. - Insert the new OWC SSD and boot up to install MacOS from the web.

4. - Copy the files from an external disk into the Mac Mini.

I'm sorry but I don't quite understand what is "break the Fusion Drive together if you can.". Does Break means = format or erase?

Thanks again for your great help with this issue ! ;-)



@uzapucax - I was assuming your HDD is still inside.


You are right. I understand for the Disk Utiliy screen shots that the HDD it is still inside the Mac Mini.

I think i just removed the SSD part of the Fusion Drive.



@uzapucax - Create a bootable USB thumb OS installer drive (Mojave or higher). Carefully disconnect the HDD cable from the logic board making sure the system is on its back so the connection is not damaged.

Now using the OS installer setup your new SSD as a bootable drive. Afterwards reconnect the HDD cable (make sure the system is fully shutdown first)

That should get you halfway


Thanks for the good advice Dan! ;-)

I guess any USB thumb will work with Mac OS Journaled formatting right?

I will try that on the weekend. I might do a CCC copy so if i have to reinstall later all software and parameters.



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Sounds like a faulty SSD,

I would consult OWC

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