Can a Qick Charger hurt the tablet?

I had a problem with 2 of my SM-T580 Tablets, I would get the battery image and it wouldnt charge, so I thought the battery had died. I was using a quick Charge Charger to charge both tablets

the 1 died, and all I got was the battery image shaking on the screen

I found an old Samsung Charger and plugged it in, and it is now charging, weird, right?

I havent plugged the other dead tablet in to see if it works also

Could the problem be newer chargers being used on the tablets?

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Tried asking on Samsung's support site for expert answers?


Which fast charger? What's the specs on it?


@strongbow OK, I have 2 chargers

1) 2 Ports,

Output 5v 3.0A, 5v 2.4A, 12v 1.5A (I think if 2 items are plugged in it reverts to lower)

2) 4 Ports, 3 are Auto 3.1A, other is orange 4A

Output 5v 3A(max), 9v 2.4A, 12v 1.5A


@notbroken Havent found that site, do you have the URL address?


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