DVD ROM opens all the time/ Does not read Discs


i have a PS2 (SCPH 50000 Series. As the Title says it just spits out the DVD tray all the time. I already took it apart cleaned the laser, checked the fuses, checked for mechanical issues but nothing.

The laser also wont turn on and it wont even spin the disc. I already changed out the laser but it does nothing, The new one also doesn't light up. The spindel gets 11,6 V from the mobo i checked the cable with a multimeter. The laser about 2.6V on one of the Pins but i could be mistaken.

So i am kinda out of options right now and i really want to repair that thing. I dont know how to proceed.

The odd thing is when the PS2 arrived i tested it with a PS1 and PS2 game and it worked. After an hour of standing it just startet to spit out the disc tray. Didn't even play on it. Could it be shipping damage? Idk it got banged on one corner looks like. But why did it work in the first place then?

The laser moves down untill it hits the switch on the spindel. Then it just stands there like unplugged. No Checking for disc's or anything. Moments after it will kick out the Disc tray. The Disc tray also doesnt get stuck on anything?

Could it be the DVD IC? :

Anyways thanks in advance for any help.

I can send pictures if needed.

i am new here and english is not my first language so please excuse any gramma or spelling mistakes.

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