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Apple's October 2020 refresh of its iPad Air tablet, sporting an A14 Bionic processor, a 10.9" screen, a new design, and in-button TouchID.

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My iPad Air 4 is not charging. Might be charging IC issue.

I'm unable to charge my iPad air 4. Because if charging IC Issue can anyone explain how to repair

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who said it was a charging ic issue, it could simply be a bad charge port. if it is either it will require soldering and i don't recommend you trying to do this yourself if you have to ask how to repair the issue then i doubt you have the tools or skill to attempt it


@tech_ni So everyone asking questions on here are not capable of repairing anything they are asking about? That’s why we’re here, to ask how to repair things rather than bin them. How do you know he can’t solder? He might be great at it. If someone asks a question on here don’t automatically think they’re dumb, they’re just inexperienced.


@strongbow well he said charging ic, what did he do to bring him to that conclusion and if he is asking how to repair it then he doesnt know how to repair it


@strongbow - Don't automatically think someones stupid,

@tech_ni - I think that was a good question.


@beanman56 Did I say he was stupid? No.


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Hi @gd556,

Okay, so far everyone is speculating, but we can't give you a good answer without information.

I hear you asking about the problem possibly being a charging IC issue, but for most of us that wouldn't be our first suspect, so to get started, why do you think it might be the charging IC? Is this based on some diagnosis or just one of the things that you ran across on the internet that describes your problem?

Speaking of which, what have you done so far to investigate this? When I have a problem I don't know how to fix, I start with the basics. In this case, that means verifying rather than assuming that power is getting to the iPad in the first place. Have you checked that your charger and/or charging cord is working, either by swapping them out for another one, trying them on another device or, depending on your level of expertise, measuring the voltage output with a voltmeter.

Once the source of power has been checked, the next point of failure to look at is the charging port itself. Take some microfiber cloth, 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol and a toothpick and clean out the charging port. Dust, dirt, lint and stuff can get in there and get packed at the bottom keeping the plug from fully engaging. In addition, take a magnifying glass and a bright light and look inside to a) verify you've got it cleaned properly, and b) to check for bent, broken or missing pins inside the connector.

If you haven't found any issues so far, plug it in and try wiggling the cord, up & down, left & right, etc., to see if there's a loose connection; moving it will possibly make contact at some point, so you may get some indication of charging when held a a particular position. If you get anything there, that would indicate that the charging port itself is damaged and may be loose from the motherboard and in need of replacement.

Finally, plug it into a computer and see if it's recognized; that will tell you if it's somehow just comatose or if your hardware connection via the lightning port is out of order.

So get back to us with what you've checked so far, and if you haven't already, go through this list and let us know what you find. Once we have that information, we may be able to actually help you. It could indeed be a charging IC problem, but nobody here is going to assume that without good reason. In order to reach that diagnosis, there are several checks that would need to be done inside the case with a volt/ohm meter.

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I do not think the original poster ever responded but I have the same situation and I suspect it is an internal short or other issue on the board.

In my case, the reason why I suspect that is the problem is the device does not boot after charging from either the internal charging port or when connected to the magic keyboard with the magic keyboard plugged in. I have a usb voltage meter and in both cases, the device pulls between 0.015 and to around 0.090 amps. i was thinking it was pulling so little because it is fully charged so I will leave it disconnected for a while to see but I suspect it will pull more power when it is not fully charged so I am wondering if the problem is between the battery and the main board.

I have tried putting the device in DFU mode and connecting it to a PC and it is never recognized. I have also attempted to connect it to an external display with nothing displayed but i am not too familiar with how external displays work with an ipad.


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My iPad won’t charge because the charging port is broken

Update (11/22/2022)

I have new charging cords and have had to wiggle it to get a good connection. It’s become more and more difficult to connect to the port

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I can wiggle my cord and stretch it across my I pad and it will work sometimes. But I have been doing this a long time. Now it’s become more impossible. It is the ic port not the cord


@diane perkins if you have to wiggle it to get a connection then there is either built up dirt in the port or the port is damaged


@diane perkins Unfortunately, if you've tried to clean it and it didn't help, chances are you're going to have to replace the charging port. I hate to tell you, but on your iPad (assuming we're still talking about an iPad Air 4), changing that port is at best a difficult repair; I consider myself fairly expert at home DIY repairs and this one is at the very top of my comfort level, meaning I'd try it myself, but if you're not really good at working with Apple products and soldering, then this is a repair best left to professionals. Local repair shops may be able to do this repair, and of course Apple will, for a price.

Here's a video showing you how much is involved in replacing that charging port.


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Hi There, I have a similar issue.

iPad 8th Gen not charging. Lint and dust have been removed inside the port and I have also asked a local repairer to replace the charging port for me. They've been telling me it's an IC problem but I feel like it's just a loose port and they haven't put it back in place/done anything to try and secure it in properly.

Given that they have change the charging port and we've done a lot of the diagnostics, what's the likelihood that my iPad actually has an IC problem? Considering that it actually still charges fine when charging at an angle.

Thanks in advance!

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