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Trouble with screen flex after LCD/Digitizer replace

I helped my son replace the screen assembly on his ipod touch 4g. We had some frustration with the amount of adhesive used and how you have to be extremely careful not to rip ribbon cables. Short story is all features work digitizer cameras wifi etc etc but it will not seat properly at the top. especially the upper left. The screen flexes and and that is a bad thing! We have unassembled and reassembled twice and still have the same issue and now the new adhesive is not as sticky either. One further piece of info is that one of the shield mounting screws (curiously in the upper left has stripped the threads from the mounting screw... Not sure what happened there since I watched him and he did not give any more force to that screw than the others.)

Anyone have any tips or even a link to a set of instructions etc. (pictures and video would be great.) If there are reassembly instructions here I could not find them other than do the steps in reverse order...


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First: DON'T use too much force or press down on the center of the glass you could crack it or ruin the digitizer.

Double check that you don't have any leftover glass at the top left. When you put the screen back on hold the bottom at about a 45 degree angle and "slide in" the top part of the screen ... then lightly start pushing down on the side edges going from the top to bottom. If you do it right, you'll feel a very slight snap as the rest of the screen goes on.

Also, if you have any bending in the bottom plate, where the glass rests, you're probably not going to get it to fit right and possibly need the bottom plate replaced - very difficult & requires soldering.


Oh, and on the iPod Touch 4's, I typically wrap them in a towel, face down, and put a small "lite" book on top for 24 hours to help the adhesive cure.

Most adhesive is 3M 3200SE (I believe) and if you check their site you'll find the right cure time.

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Oh, I forgot. After you connect the last video cable to the logic board, before you put the glass on slightly open up the top of the iPod. You'll notice the skinny video cable. You need to use tweezers to put "gently" pull that cable up towards the top to put a "Z" in it. Not doing this will definatly cause the top left not to seat properly.

Also, always seat your glass before applying the adhesive to check that it is going to go in right rather than sticking and unsticking the glass to the adhesive where it loses it's adhesiveness.



Ok, I don't want to get this confusing so here are simple steps, take care not to press, pull, short out or squish anything.

1. Use the back of your plastic pry tool to attach the big video cable to the logic board.

2. Open up, without pulling out the cable in 1, the top and look at the small video cable.

3. Carefully, with tweezers (don't touch anything but the cable!), easily pull the cable toward the top so it looks somewhat like a Z. You don't want that cable between the digitizer and the back plate you want it laying on the bottom of the new screen.

4. Tilt the top of the glass at 45 degrees and slip it into the top of the back plate.

5. Gently, from the top down, run your fingers along the side of the glass and you should feel it snap in place. DO NOT press on the center of the glass.

6. Check that the glass is flat.

7. Lift out the glass, add your adhesive, and repeat steps 2-6.

8. Put between the folds of a towel, face down, and let cure for about 24 hours.


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