Power is on with no screen activity

My 2DS XL is powered on with the blue light on but the wireless communication light stays off and the screen is black. The battery is in good condition and it is fully charged. Any ideas/answers?

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It would be unlikely that both screens are dead, but still possible. Do any sounds come from the 2DS? This could be a board level issue. Sorry I'm not too great at diagnosing I just wanted to help people out :)


@catlove no sounds are outputted


@xgame001 seems like it could be a board level issue. Have you taken it apart to see if anything seems abnormal inside? Like corrosion or damaged components


@catlove no Im not really that well familiar with that stuff and i dont want to further break it because i dont know what im doing


@xgame001 you could bring it to a repair place to see if they can fix it. Makes sense why you are scared, I have accidentally broken devices further, especially when I first started. If you ever want to take it apart you can look online to see how.


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