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Can I just replace the glass screen or will I have to replace the dig

I broke my screen, however it functions perfectly meaning the digitizer is ok. Can I simply just replace the glass , or will I have to replace everything??

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Could you upload a photo of your cracked screen? Even if the display is working, sometimes depending on the damage, the screen fails over time


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You can replace the glass but it’s only really for professionals

The process of separating the display and the glass(digitiser) involves putting a insanely thin wire between the glass and the screen to cut the through LOCA glue

This process requires lots of equipment to have it done properly on bigger displays and there are no guarantees it will go well

Here’s a video of it being done on a Apple Watch

As you can see it is no easy task so I would probably just buy an new screen and sell or recycle the old one unless you know what you are doing

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Sorry, you can't replace the glass unless you can find a shop with the proper equipment. You'll need to replace the whole screen.

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