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Il Samsung Galaxy S8+ è la versione maggiorata del telefono al top di gamma Samsung. Lanciato nell'aprile 2017.

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Moisture in charging port, fast charging not working anymore

Ever since I got the moisture in the charging port notification, my fast charging doesn't work anymore. When I plug in the charger it shows fast charging and first then makes a second beeping sound and changes back to cable charge and also my phone doesn't charge when it's switched off anymore, only when it's on. Please what is the issue because I'm about to change the charging port board and I wanna be sure that's the issue so I don't waste money. So please help me out

What can be the issue here as I don't have any money for a new phone right now

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Just adding to the amazing answer from @guardian10

Have you tried cleaning your charging port out with some fine tipped tweezers and some isopropyl alcohol



Yes I have tried cleaning with a tweezer but without alcohol though

Is the alcohol necessary?


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Changing the charging port is likely needed.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Charging Port Replacement

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