These white headphones are equipped with a remote and mic, and come with Apple's music players and iPhone. They are also sold separately.

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Why is there a difference in volume between the ear buds?

The right earbud is always louder than the left one.

To make sure that this is the case, I put the right bud in my left ear and the left bud in my right ear and then the left bud was louder. So my hearing is OK. Is there anything I can do to repair the left earbud or should I just buy another pair?

I have tried this on both an iPod and an iPad with the same results.

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There are dozens of brands for sale. Do you have a suggestion for a pair that is reasonably priced?



You can find descent ones at the dollar store, but cheap JVC ones will do for most people


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The headphones or jack is bad. If this happens on other headphones, then it's the headphones. if this happens on all headphones then it's the jack.

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